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sakit hati aku, baru semalam aku puji2 celcom broadband ni, hari ni dah buat hal, aku bukan apa, sakit hati dengan celcom broadband aku ni sebab susah nak login or reply message or comment on the social networking website such as; myspace, friendster. or dll.
what the fucking shit.
i have tried to change the modem and connecte using my phone. huh, it's still same. kalo gi youtube ok, yahoo.com ok, apa2 saja yg x login pasti laju and ok. i dunno, but i have google on the internet and maybe there are few user will face with this situation. fuck ass hole huh. why me?

and from my opinion lah.. i think maybe because celcom broadband user are sharing the ip address so, there will be something heavy when redirecting to the login area and carry out the amount of data that will send. [apa aku berbelit ni.. tp aku faham. kekeeke]

and for login into blogger laju plak, macam guna streamyx yg 99. hahha.

well aku harap celcom become more serius and please; qualitykan your brand or.. apa ye? ahh. apa saja.

improve ur system kot..

k cau.


marah nih.

tak pasti why bila aku check connection aku today with speedtest.net
download dia show that is = 295kbps, tapi upload xder. xleh show. aku dah tunggu lama pun still x gerak. ni pun satu fucking shit.

skang ni aku check ngan iZZinet bandwith lak. hehe
sama jugak lah

upload x shown. and x bergerak .. wondering nih.
k. harap esok change!

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