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today, aku dah habis jawab exam csc119.
alhamdulilah, boleh lah, not bad. hope sangat dpt highest i mean for sure at least A!
and now, aku online jap.. still guna celcom broadband daily unlimited. huhu. lepas stress and wtv yg ingin
aku lepaskan..

lepas ni kena legakan ilmu csc119 for the "new intake that is mat201 and csc125.
aiyo.. c++ pun i kureeng. fenins. hope everything will be ok.

Dearest God,
pls help me.
thank you God.
Allah Maha Besar.

single but not available.
that is my status rite now!

//bro razeef bilang i need to kurus skit so i will look better.
but i just wondering, are they will love me for who i am someday..

ohh. i am pathetic.

balik umah 19/nov/08

x sabar nak jumpa mama papa and sumer.

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