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Fuss.. letih seyh cuti neyh.. kena kerja, worker bikin Sial berhenti mengejut.cam bodoh tolol babi!
Now, aku tgh usha about celcom broadband and thinking that i gonna sucribe celcom broadband mothly unlimited RM68 mothly, tak tahan seyh guna wifi kat U. stress. dahla banyak yang address kena block. kene register plak tu. dahla now aku nye username and pass xleh login. bengong tul! hilang iman aku fikir wireless punye pasal !

stakat ni observation aku bout this connection. oklah. not bad(currently using Celcom Broadband Daily Unlimited at RM8/day) surfing kat rumah aku. celcom broadband ni better if in 3G coverage. kat rumah aku ni dapat 3G coverage. oklah. x lah lembab mana. just sometime dia hang skit. but oklah. janji boleh surf. ym ok(even sometime dc), download maybe ok.

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