haish.. girl lagi. aiyok  

Posted by: Fakhrul Zakry in

adui. girl..girl..
why u'olls so dfficult la.

yea.. telling me that we are friend and when i told u my dad bussiness, and now u r telling me that "ohh fakhrul my dear, rindu kat u" ek eleh. dulu jgn harap nak ckp camtu.

well. mujurlah i still got LOTSA girls around me that kinda nice with me.
for sure in myspace : Lady Helena, Lady Sonia, Lady Eira.. and so on la. ramai !


hatiku luruh parah keranamu..
malam dingin ku sendirian..
hanya derita yang ku belenggu...
janji mu setia dihatiku..

//peringatan to all girls:

never tell the boys " I Love U"
when you are not..

cos. it hurt dear... yea. it hurting me! never thought u are so cruel.


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