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Name: Mohamad Asrafudin Fakhrullah
Email/Ym: faxrull@yahoo.com
Friendster/Myspace: fakhrul29@yahoo.com
Marital status: TAKEN ;x
D.O.B: 29.Nov
Age: 18
Height: 165+ cm
Weight: 60kg> m <75kg
Location: East Malaysia/ Trg
Fav Country: Malaysia, Japan, Paris
Fav Hobby: web design/ experiment/ reading/ photography
Fav Music: chapter of the Quran, All genre
What You Hate Most?: criticalness
What You Love Most?: My Gorgeous Bf and GF
What would you do when you are bored?: surfing, blaspheme ;x
Admire a person before?: someone i seduced now
Believe in horoscope?: -sometime
Scared of height?: -No...maybe
What instrument can you play?: -piano, drum and guitar
Hot or Cold: -Cold is slaying and Hot is slayer
Black or White: -Black is elegant
Soccer or Basketball: -Basketball
student of UiTM Comp.Sc

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