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huhu, skang ni aku tengah chat ngan my bestfriends dousx. dalam skype.
so sad and miss them so much,
we have discuss lots of thing including; sex,l love, general discussion, relationship, friends, student life, and the most i like bout me, that im going to gym.

they told me i dont need to go to gym. they love the way
i am today. dousx. how sweet.
isnt it.
(that is what we call bestfriends forver babe!)

btw. if u look in the snapshot, they are using word "gemuk", for ur information. im not that "gemuk" i average ok. height-168cm, weight-70 kg. not that STOCKY ok.

now, im listening to tentang bulan ost how sad i am now... so miss my friends..

Tentang Bulan
OST Tentang Bulan
Fatin Nur Afifah

Bulan dan bintang
Bersinar berkelipan
Dan menerangi
keindahan malam
Tanpamu bulan
Malam kegelapan
Tanpamu bintang
Hilanglah keindahan

Ini kisah tentang bulan
Bulan bintang jadi kawan
Bergitulah persahabatan
Yang cuba kami eratkan
Moga berkekalan selamanya

Bergitulah kami hidup lima sekawan
Sesama berjanji susah senang dirasa
Dibawah sinaran cahaya bulan bintang
Menjadi saksi janji kami semua

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